About Veritus Research


Pioneering Clinical Research

Veritus Research is a groundbreaking clinical research organisation that is revolutionising the field of Clinical Research within the Australian biomedical community. Our mission is to challenge the traditional norms by decentralising the conduction of studies that were previously limited to tertiary centres.

At Veritus, we defy conventional thinking, pioneering a new way forward wit h our standalone custom-built, state-of-the-art Clinical Research facility. This cutting-edge facility specialises in conducting Early Phase and First In Human (FIH) studies, providing a clinically safe environment for participants.

Our commitment to excellence drives us to deliver the highest quality data to our Sponsors and stakeholders, leverage the latest advancements in technology within our modern and luxurious facility.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Efficiency and Flexibility

Our goal is to revolutionise low-to-medium risk Early Phase clinical trials by developing an innovative, faster model that prioritises efficiency and adaptability.

Uncompromised Quality

Through the integration of superior technology and meticulous processes, we are committed to delivering unrivalled quality in patient care and safety.

Exceptional Experiences

We aim to provide our participants with a uniquely positive and rewarding experience that fuels their continued involvement and fosters recruitment advocacy.


Our History

Veritus Research stands as the affiliate sister company to groundbreaking clinical research organisation Emeritus Research. Emeritus Research was the first to challenge the norm the field of Clinical Research within the Australian biomedical community, by decentralizing the conduction of studies that were traditionally confined to hospital settings.

Steered by the esteemed Professor Stephen Hall, a revered member of the research community, Emeritus holds a formidable reputation. Recognised for their patient-centric studies, Emeritus has made significant contributions to pivotal vaccine trials, including the landmark Novavax study for COVID-19.

Both Veritus and Emeritus conduct Phase I studies, while Veritus specialises in First In Human (FIH) and Healthy Volunteer inpatient studies.