Delivering World-Class Clinical Trial Solutions

Veritus Research offers an all-encompassing approach to clinical trials, ensuring excellence from initial design to final closeout. Our team understands the intricate dynamics of clinical trials and is adept at facilitating the most complex and demanding studies.

Our feasibility review and trial bid processes are a partnership with our sponsors and CROs.

Our highly-skilled team have extensive knowledge of ethical and regulatory aspects vital for launching a clinical trial site. Our Site Start Up includes rigorous Ethics Preparation, safeguarding the integrity and validity of your study from the outset.
We understand that effective Project Management is crucial to successful clinical trials. Our experienced Project Management team ensures that every study progresses smoothly, timely, and in compliance with all stipulated guidelines. They coordinate and collaborate with all project stakeholders, ensuring seamless execution from beginning to end. We use Trial Docs for our eISF, and Clinibase for our CTMS, e-source, and visit scheduler.

Recruitment of participants is a priority for us, and we understand that the success of a clinical trial rests on the ability of a trial to recruit efficiently and effectively. We partner with Clinibase Recruitment to ensure that the expectations of sponsors and CROs are met.

Quality forms the backbone of our services, and we have a dedicated Quality Team and purpose-built infrastructure to ensure the highest standards of research.

Recognising the importance of finding the right participants for a clinical trial, Veritus Research is equipped with exceptional recruitment capabilities. We have an extensive database of active leads, helping us match the perfect candidates to your study swiftly and efficiently.

In addition to our recruitment capabilities, we offer robust pharmacy capabilities. Our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced pharmacy team guarantee accurate, safe and effective medication dispensation throughout your clinical trial.


Pioneering Medical Team

At the heart of Veritus Research's operations is our Medical Team. Steered by the esteemed Professor Stephen Hall, a revered member of the research community, our dedicated and experienced professionals, provide impeccable care and support to all our participants. They monitor all health parameters during the trial, ensuring the safety and well-being of participants while meticulously capturing data for the study.

As part of the Leading Technology Group family, Veritus Research is fortified with a wealth of resources, strengthening our ability to deliver world-class clinical trial solutions, while ensuring we stay at the cutting-edge of research.

Partnering with Veritus will deliver outstanding clinical trial outcomes that accelerate the advancement of medical research.