Veritus Research Team

Leadership Team

Our professional medical team leverages decades of experience and speciality training to provide the highest level of care to our participants. They're bolstered by our innovative and cohesive management team, who utilise their extensive experience, broad understanding of clinical research and business acumen to amplify our operations. Their collective knowledge ensures that we are able to conduct ground-breaking Phase I and First In Human (FIH) studies that accelerate the pace of medical advancements.

Your participation in our trials is navigated by an unwavering support team – a dedicated team of study coordinators, research assistants and study nurses, all committed to your patient journey. Together, we are more than the skills of each staff member; we’re a dynamic team pioneering a new path forward in the field of clinical research.


Professor Stephen Hall

Professor Stephen Hall is a dedicated Rheumatologist and serves as an Adjunct Professor of Medicine at Monash University, stationed at Cabrini Hospital. Stephen has been published widely on all aspects of rheumatic disease and maintains a strong interest in general Medicine.

His leadership role in over 250 clinical trials reflects his relentless curiosity with emerging advancements in medicine and their potential benefits for individuals suffering from various medical conditions. Above all, Stephen's paramount concern is, and always has been, patient care and safety.